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8 Best Uses of Chatbots for Restaurants

Imagine that you reach customers in their dining room and serve your delicious foods directly on their plates! And they're exhilarated to taste your exotic delicacies and licking their fingers in joy?

Don't you think this is the ultimate purpose of running a restaurant?

During this pandemic, the way you serve your customers has drastically transformed. Since you need to follow the norm of social distancing, serving, and reaching your customers.


The only solution to reach and serve your customers as you used to do is restaurant bots. Via restaurant chatbots, you'd be able to serve your customers wherever they're; you'd also be able to do much more.

Let's have a look at the best uses of chatbots for restaurants.

Help your customers order your delicacies

This is the basics, right!

The first and most important job of your restaurant bots is to help your customers make the order without any hassle.

Through restaurant bots, you can show your customers the menu.

They can choose from the type of foods they want to order.

For example, if they want to order starters, you can show them the category. And once they click on the category, they'd be able to see the available foods under starters and choose.

Similarly, they can order the main course and the dessert and add them to the cart.

Finally, they can make the payment instantly or they can pay later.

This is the typical form of food ordering via chatbots.

Upsell via chatbots

Along with letting the customers order typical foods, you can become innovative and can upsell by offering them suggestions as per the foods they choose.

For example, if they choose Mixed Hakka Noodles in their main course, you can auto-suggest Chilly Manchurian or Sweeten Sour.

Not every customer will be tempted to order from the auto-suggestions. But even 10% would do, your revenue would be 10% more than if you'd have never used the feature called 'auto-suggest'.

More cost-effective than humans

The reason human beings are too expensive to offer personalized service is that we have limited willpower to exert. We get tired. We get exhausted. And we also need to get paid. For that, the restaurants can't afford to provide personalized service to each and every customer.

Entering chatbots for restaurants!

With new-edge technology, your AI chatbot will never get tired, would be able to provide 24/7, 365-day service, and you can integrate one in the most cost-effective way.

Personalize the whole experience

Through AI restaurant chatbots, you would be able to delight your customers by providing them personalized attention.

And by understanding the emotions behind the way each customer places the order, the restaurant bots would be able to recommend foods that would most likely delight your customers.

Minimize errors

If you hire a human being to take the order over the phone, no matter how efficient the human is, after a while, he would make a mistake; because to err is human.

But erring is almost impossible with restaurant bots.

When you integrate a chatbot on your website or take orders from Facebook Messenger, your chatbot will minimize errors, offer personalized attention, and eventually build your reputation.

Mistakes aren't good for your brand reputation. And it gradually destroys customers' loyalty. Instead of hiring a human for taking orders, reduce your errors and costs - go for chatbots for restaurants.

Offer deals

If you understand the value of digitizing your business, you already have an email list.

Your restaurant bots can tap into your email list and can send personalized promotional offers, deals to your prospects & customers.

Offering your customers special discounts and amazing deals will keep them delighted and they'd eat and order more from your restaurant/s.

And as a result, your overall revenue will improve manifold and your brand value will also increase.

Take feedbacks

Do you ever collect feedback after your customers sit at your restaurant and eat?

If not, you're missing out.

If you don't collect feedback as a part of your process, how'd you know what to improve?

And how'd you then offer better services than your competitors?

Well, during this pandemic, your restaurant chatbots will help you collect feedback.

Once they're done eating out at your restaurant or two-three hours after the foods have been ordered, the chatbots can send a personalized message and ask questions like -

"Did you like Mixed Hakka Chowmein? Would you mind sharing your experience? Rate us from 1 to 10 depending on the worst to best?"

This is just an example.

You can design the chatbots in a way that they can use an innovative approach to collect feedback.

And as a result, you begin to improve your offerings.

Ask for reference

Restaurants (and also other businesses) leave a lot of money on the table.


Because they don't ask for references!

For example, let's say a group of young people visited your restaurant.

They enjoyed the food, laughed, had a cool experience, and left.

And you didn't ask for any reference.

What if you did ask for a reference!

These young chaps could have given you a bunch of references which you could call and ask them to visit your restaurants.

And over & above, for providing references, you could offer these young people a percentage of discounts.

Now, imagine your restaurant chatbots doing the same on your behalf.

For example, when someone would order foods, you can create an option before the payment -

"If you offer a reference, you can get 5% off on the order."

Who wouldn't like to get a discount?


Using chatbots for restaurants is a boon for you.

During this pandemic and social distancing, your restaurant chatbots can do much more than any human being, that too without going anywhere.

Plus, these restaurant bots can serve your customers all the time (may not be with food ordering, but suggesting when to order instead of offering no response).

And if you compare the cost of hiring, training a human, you could integrate a bot for a fraction of that cost.

Don't overthink. A restaurant bot can transform the way you serve your customers.

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