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How AI powered chatbots are impacting the recruitment industry in 2021

There is no doubt that impact of artificial intelligence on the business world is very hefty because the organization that have enabled the AI software at the business level are increasing company productivity, operational efficiency, decision making, planning and controlling. Annual Business Global reports also revealed that, in 2017 those companies usedthe AIsoftware's in the business got an excellent response from the consumers because AI deployment is greatly outpacing the accuracy as compared to the human activity.

As AI is integrated with the more options in the organizations, now AI seems to be taking the world of Human Resources and recruitment by a storm. There are many reasons to use AI in Human resources ,but there are three notable reasons why companies are using this technology.

  • To reduce bias.
  • To improve the candidate experience.
  • To focus on human element HR.

AI Chatbots Enhance and Increase Human Resources Engagment:

Organizations are starting to realize that it's worth to investing time and money on AI because it's a super way to increase operating efficiency. Along with that advanced in AI is enabling companies to take human resources to the next level by recruiting the best candidate for the job. So, in this article, we will present you 5 ways to use AI in human resources management.

How to improve AI in human resources?

In the world of unemployment so many candidates competing for a dramatically smaller number of jobs, how recruiters find the best candidates in thousands of CVs. There is where Artificial intelligence works.

AI has the power to take the company's HR experience to the higher level. If you don't know how. Just see the use of AI in recruitments.

1. AI powered assistance "Chabot's" :

If you go and ask any HR manager what is the best use of AI, he will definitely say that Chabot's because in the recruitment process, chatbots help in the screening process by not only getting positive prospective but also performing a quick background check . Chabot's round the clock engages with the candidates via web, social media and apps along with that AI powered assistance make sure candidate gets the regular updates about the status of their applications. Besides, informing status to the applicants, catboat give feedback and always available to answer questions.

2. AI Builds company's candidate relationship program :

Let's back to the previous point that I have mentioned above, AI never takes days off. Which means it round the clock available for answering candidate questions and it treat candidate as a company customer, so it always minimizes the risk of rejected applicants and keep the candidate on a priority. As we known in the world of unemployment, the job seekers are hunger for feedback. Sometimes recruiters failed to inform applicant due to heavy work, that time chatbots plays a role and give apolite and honest reply. Beamary is a great example of how companies are using AI for hiring candidates to build up a better relationship with the applicants and honestly treats them as a customer.

3. Improving quality of hire through standardized job matching:

Most recruiters are very busy, in that regard, the most hectic work to do is analyzing and screening eachcandidate applications and choose thebest candidate in order to improve work force of the company. As we all know hiring is one of the most promising talent, so it is important to pre-screen the candidate profile, but sometime due to lack of accuracy recruiter failed to choose the best candidate. So, that time AI software guide recruiter in the pre-screening process. Significantly, there are lots of new employees in the company needs HR attention in order to fit in the department and it is often impossible for the dedicate enough time to each one of them. So, that's where AI steps in- it only helps recruiters to screen best candidate for the particular job profile, but also it determines customized onboarding procedure for each new employee.

4. Performance analysis:

Every organization needs engagement and productivity because these are two core factors that make business stands out. However, many companies are struggling to find those individuals who have these qualities. Using AI tool, HR manager able to create an objective and let all units to work in smaller increments. More importantly, it doesn't only serve to improve productivity, but also detect the performance of the team.

5. Retention :

As much as it is hard to hire capable employees, it is as hard to keep them in your group. This is the reason why almost 60% of associations consider representative maintenance their biggest issue. However, AI can dissect and predict the necessities of staff individuals.

End Note:

Smooth the Recrutiment process with AI.

AI is changing the company recruitment strategies, not because it will replace the people in the company,but it will free up their time to do more important things. AI is everywhere these days, from simple calculations to analyzing employee productivity, AI has become mainstream in the organization. Inthe recruitment process, AI chatbot has lots of potential to improve the candidate experience and many HR believes that the future of AI recruiting is the Augment intelligence, which you cannot replace the human activity with the technology, we should look to create technology that increases the humanitarian efforts.

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