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How real estate can effectively use chatbots to grow their business in 2021

Chatbots are in demand these days, for instant messaging and being in touch with the near and dear ones. It has been getting the equal significance as of Facebook or Twitter. There are companies coming up with really effective and user-friendly bots with amazing features.

Have you ever thought of using these bots being used to enhance your business?! Yes, you can now Chatbots to attract more customers with instant messaging so their queries are solved quickly and on time! Wow! Sounds amazing!

Let's get to know more about Chatbots and how they do wonders in business.

What is a Chatbot?

Generally, a Chatbot is an experience centred to micro-conversation, residing in messaging apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter DM, SMS and many more.

When it comes to business, there are customer-oriented bots. Though they have the base features of micro-conversation, they are created to turn the normal users to customers via targeted marketing and advertising.

These customer-centred bots set certain goals such as:

  • Call-scheduling or setting an appointment
  • Service subscription
  • Purchase
  • Fetching important Information relevant to the business

Hence, these bots aim at enhancing your business.

Impact of Chatbots in your business:

To enhance customer relationship, Chatbots have a prominent role in your business. Chatbots enables to automate personalisation of the conversations. If you are looking for customer acquisition socially as well as on-board, and use them as leads Chatbot is the perfect tool for you!

Now, you must be looking forward to subscribe into the top Chatbot for the business. However, you need to ask these questions to yourself:

  • Are the users acquired socially?
  • Is there a paid social budget for customer acquisition?
  • Is there a user value for sharing apart from selling?

Top Benefits of Using Chatbots in business:

Here are some vital advantages of using Chatbots in your business:

  • Personalised, with a customer-centred experience
  • Lesser time to generate leads
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Enable to save time and money

We will now look at the main aspect- How to use Chatbots in Real estate for business growth.
In the simplest words we could say about Chatbots is, it is a robot that is 'behind the screen!'

When it comes to Marketing in Real Estate industry, the Chatbot acts as Live Chat plugin, residing in the website and setting questions and dialogues for the visitors. Normally, these Chatbots would be seen as a badge, either on the bottom left or right corner of the realtor website, and automatically popping up (or by a Click) to start a new chat.

You may now understand that the main objective to entitle the visitors, thus turning them into leads. These leads are then handed over to you and thus closed.

These Chatbots are quite intellectual in case of lead-capture forms. You would be on toes with surprise to know that these forms communicate with the visitors. Now, isn't that amazing? Users can directly visit the realtor website and begin to chat with these Chatbots, or wait till the lead's or user's information has been captured.

There are Chatbots which claim to be created with Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling them to logically and precisely respond to the visitors' queries. This new technology called Artificial Intelligence, in a spooky way, an evolving and developing "organism".

Are you thinking if your real estate website really needs these "intelligent" Chatbots? You may notice that each realtor differs in requirements. An amateur in real-estate business having zero leads and gradually building up the business would have different requirements in marketing, compared to a 20 year experienced agents getting adequate referral businesses to rise up in the industry.

Hence, you could consider these ways to use Chatbots effectively in your business:

  • Analysing each type of agents
  • Analysing different Live Chat models
  • Scrutinising the Live chat apps and deciding on the app that perfectly works for your business

1. Analysing Agent types:

  • New or Idle agents:

    There would be a few amateurs or some non-existing ones, having no assistants hired or any third-party firms to assist in the marketing activities
  • Intermediate agents:

    These agents have been in the industry for a couple of years, having good prospects and leads in a consistent manner through good marketing skills and approaches
  • Veteran agents:

    The experts and professionals in the real-estate industry. These agents or their assistants have no time to spare on chat with the visitors. They would probably look for an effective and dynamic realtor website, providing them adequate leads on a monthly basis.

2. Analysing Live Chat models:

  • Basic Live Chat:

    Connects the realtors with their visitors in Real-time via a chat plug-in
  • AI Chatbot:

    Visitors interact with a personalised robot, requesting the realtor to contact you
  • Hybrid model:

    The visitor communicates with the Chatbot, regulates them to a specific level, thus reinforcing the Realtor into a conversation.

As discussed, Chatbots are different, based on the level of experience of a company in the Real-estate industry. However, Chatbots can be used by these groups:

  • If one has a website or a Facebook page of the realtor project
  • The company aims at attracting the NRIs or wishes to sell the project across the globe
  • You wish to be connected to any top builder
  • You wish to use human resources to accomplish a complex task and let the machine undertake the normal tasks

Chatbots effectively grow your business:

Now, we are quite confident that Chatbots are really helpful with their intellectual ways to interact with the visitors. Let us take a quick look at how these amazing AI tools help you enhance your Real-estate business:

  • Lead generation with access to the buyer's profile
  • Buyers attracted and addicted to chat or interaction with the bot
  • Users or buyers across the globe get their queries answered and solved instantly
  • Bots being programmed to ask the buyers about their choices so they could be made effective in future sales

Chatbots quite effective and efficient in enhancing your business drastically. However, you need to be sure of the type of real-estate business you are running. Choosing the right type of Chatbot will take your business to the top most favourite among the customers. So, find your Chatbot do wonders in Realtors!!

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