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How Chatbots Can Effectually Enhance Customer Service For Hotels In 2021

Computers are congenitally suited for performing reiterative tasks that demand a great level of efficiency. The level of productivity output that a computer delivers cannot be compared with any manual work in terms of time management and organization. Following the same principle and legacy of delivering a highly efficient output, the Chatbots have been successfully delivering flawless services across various industries.

And one such industry that can make use of the chatbots in the most efficacious way, is the hotel industry.

But you might be wondering the actual place where a chatbot can fit into the hotel industry as most of the necessary works are being carried out by the ground staffs. But the reality is way more different than the broad-brush perception. Chatbots have the innate ability to tender an elevated degree of personalization, that cannot be attained through any other means. They can immaculately memorize a wide variety of user preferences, which they relatively implement in their future interactions.

And if you look at this from a customer's standpoint, a chatbot can staggeringly proliferate and amplify the congruity with visitors and their interactive engagement. These chatbots provide the customers a leverage of booking their reservations effortlessly by means of a chat interface. Even the options to personalize a chatbot are endless. This would essentially allow a hotel to deliver custom-made options or offers directly to the visitor via chat at any point in time.

So, in this blog, we will be taking you through the following potent ways through which the hotels can make use of the Chatbots to enhance their customer service experince:

1. Managing the entire cycle of booking until check-out

A perfectly programmed chatbot can effectively assist a guest from the time he/she decides to book a room, until the time they check out of the hotel. These highly customizable bots can be used to send out notifications regarding the availability of the rooms, just the way a front desk agent operates. It can also be used to contrarily make the guests aware of the various check-out policies. If required to take the customer assistance to a higher level, these chatbots can be made to set wake-up alarms and notify the guests about any spa, dinner, or golf reservations that they might have booked in advance.

2. Handling the garden-variety guest Inquiries

A recent study on the customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry reveals that almost 67% of the queries channelized towards the concierges or front desk employees are reiterative in nature. These requests of repetitive nature can be easily downsized to a mere five or six tasks, through a precisely programmed chatbot. For example, during a guest's stay in the hotel, a customized chatbot can take requests for additional soap or shampoo, new towels, extra sheets or pillows etc. It can also be used to update the guests about the various amenities that are available in the hotel such as the recreation area, spa etc.

3. Maintaining a customer relationship after check-out

Once the guests have checked out of the hotel, these chatbots can act as an indefectible channel for beseeching the hotel's brand satisfaction feedback. The Chatbots can be used to send various feedback surveys to the former guests that can also include various incentives ( such as discount coupon codes for future bookings ) for filling them out. Once the survey has been completed, they can also follow-up with the ex-guests by sending out various attractive future deals and booking promotions. This step would induce a high degree of encouragement in these already once guests to proceed ahead with a second booking. This would also reflect a stable brand loyalty from the hotel's end.

4. Re-defining the language barrier

A hotel is a hospitality industry where one can expect guests from different geo-locations, speaking different languages. And one of the most disparate challenges being faced by the hotel industry is to deal with an incommensurably high number of guests who hail from different language speaking countries and cultures. Catering their booking needs and preferences can be now made way more easier and simpler by customizing the chatbots to align with the guest's choice of language. This boosts their level of positive customer experience by removing the predictable chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication, that is often caused due to translation gaps.

Still confused about the level of efficiency a chatbot has on offer?

Chatbots can be incessantly genteel. They lack the emotion called temper, which is why they don't stand a chance to upset, angry or provoked. The artificial intelligence on which these chatbots run can be programmed to handle almost any situation in the most rational and calmest way possible. Any degree of empathy or warmth demonstrated by these chatbots for hotel industry is purely superficial. And this is a feat that cannot be achieved by a human staffing. Some of the recently implemented chatbots include a fleet of customized chatbots for BnB ( Chatbots for Bread & Breakfast ) that notifies the users about the list of options that are available for the complimentary breakfast. When implemented in the right manner, the chatbots can do miracles in improving the hotel's customer service.

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