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Ways Chatbots Can Help Improve Performance Of Ecommerce Business In 2019

It's definitely a fascinating task to look back at the pace at which the online sales have been growing. This will give us a broader perspective of the growth potential that these E-commerce platforms possess (at the expense of the conventional channels). It's a fact that the overall share of E-commerce retail sales is jarringly undersized in the US ( 12% of the overall sales ) and the UK ( an approximate average of 19%). But these numbers are at a sustained rate with no signs of a dip in the percentage.

However, since change is the only constant thing in the e-commerce industry, it is always mandatory for you to incubate a better shopping experience with advanced customer interactions in order to make your business flourish. And helping you attain this feat is the most advanced Artificial Intelligence driven Chatbot technology that keeps things running on a smoother tide.

But before proceeding ahead with the various ways through which the chatbots assist in the sustainability factor of the e-commerce businesses, it's necessary to understand the concept of a chatbot. A chatbot is basically a computer software that is designed to interact with the users, manage their custom requests, answer their queries etc. These highly customizable chatbots serve as an imperative medium, that allows your business to interact with customers individually with a personal touch.

The E-commerce segment is one of the most relevant online platforms that can make use of chatbots to the optimum point of usage. It's due to the sole reason that these chatbots provide the businesses with a leverage to create a robust communication with the users that are well maintained within the perimeters of a permanent touchpoint. Also, the chatbots for E-commerce pave the way for the business to experiment with more innovative forums.

So, in this blog, we will be taking you through the various ways through which a chatbot can help the E-commerce industry.

1. Freight information

The freight or the shipping information is a small part of the order to cash cycle of the supply chain operations of a business. It might seem like a minute business functionality but from a customer's point of view, this is what matters the most to them prior to receiving the product. Once the E-commerce website confirms an order for the customer, they will be able to receive the product tracking info directly on the notification section via chatbots. This can include details like the scheduled time and day that's set up for delivery of the particular product along with the details of the delivery guy to whom the task of delivering the product is assigned to.

The best-proven example for this is the Alexa bot for e-commerce, that does its part of the job of informing the customers about the whereabouts of the Amazon products right after the order has been placed.

The involvement of chatbot for e-commerce website eliminates the need for a customer to log in to the e-commerce website and then go to the orders sections to track the details of the order.

2. Cross-selling and Upselling: Redefining the methodologies of remarketing

If you look at one of the most powerful tools for online marketing, you will be able to find remarketing in the top five list. Hence, it's always a good idea to make use of remarketing for an individual personal conversation. This will prove as a fruitful way to boost conversions as this would be actively reminding the users about the recent items that they had purchased and the items related to their recent search preferences. Most of the e-commerce giants are making use of the Facebook messenger bot for e-commerce to implement this concept into their upselling and cross-selling strategies.

3. Recovering your cart

It's a general sagaciousness that an abandoned cart means a decline in the sales numbers. But this perception is just partly true. An empty cart can also be considered as a source of revenue. The e-commerce websites can implement a Messenger chatbot to remind users if any products have been left out in their shopping cart or ask them whether they would be interested in filling up their cart with products that have an ongoing exciting offer.

The traditional way of doing this through emails, which has turned out to be a more time consuming and less effective method. On the other hand, if the same feat is accomplished by sending out automated messages via Facebook using the Facebook messenger bot for e-commerce, it would become way more easy for these e-commerce businesses to carry out the process of cart recovery facilely.

4. Mass message communication

Artificial Intelligence infused Chatbots such as Google assistant chat bot for e-commerce can be used to send private messages to all the contacts via google plus or hangouts. The private messages can include the launch of a new product, the announcement of a promotion or sending greetings etc. The USP of using chatbots for this purpose is the sole fact that these messages are opened and read at least 12 times more than the normal text messages and emails.


When you are in an e-commerce business, it's extremely critical for you to build a highly effective digital marketing strategy. And for this, the implementation of chatbots can help you differentiate your E-commerce from your competitors and help you provide a comparatively better user experience.

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