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Top 5 Ways Educational Institutions Can Use AI Chatbots To Grow In 2019

The old ways of connecting with potential applicants by asking them to e-mail or make a phone call are well…Old and it's time to make a shift by letting artificial intelligence and machine learning interfere in your business.

Integrating chat bots into the system is taking the tech world by storm so much so that today almost every other industry prefers virtual assistance over the traditional form of communication.

Education is one such sector where students, parents and educational organization can get their queries resolved without moving an inch. More than that, the friendly conversation that the chat bots offer makes the information exchange interactive and authentic.

Teenagers and youngsters are the ones who fall under the highest mobile and internet user bracket according to a recent study and as per January 2018 data, the global mobile population amounted to 3.7 billion unique users. Now, that's huge!

With the surging demand for automated process, users especially students opt for a more convenient and instant assistance instead of waiting in the never-ending queue to resolve their queries.

Before moving any further, let's clear the air on chat bots.

What are Conversational Commerce anyway?

Conversational commerce or chatbot is a medium of delivering rich, simple and frictionless service thereby, offering a more conversation-like experience for the customers. It's an application that utilizes any language interface to interact with people by understanding human language and mimicking the same.

How do you think your Google assistant or Siri knows what you are asking for? Yeah! It's the magic of AI.

This new advancement didn't even spare to impress the Microsoft lord – Bill Gates. In a new interview with The Verge, he lauds the potential for what he calls dialogue richness with the availability of chatbots.

How are they beneficial to enhance the relationship between Students and Universities

Being mobile-friendly, the prospective students can get quicker responses without the need to wait for basic information. Here are the top sure-fire ways that educational institutions can use educational chat bots efficiently:

I. Virtual Assistance and Feedbacks:

It's a plus when it comes to a consistent interaction between the student and the professor. There is always a room for improvement and same applies to feedbacks. Both students and teachers can use this medium to identify the areas where they need to put extra efforts. Teachers can easily provide answers and provide online assessments any time with the help of chat bots.

II. Campus News and General Guidance:

Once the student shows an interest in particular institute, he would always look out for more information to come up with a decision such as:
- Courses/programs offered
- Course components
- Eligibility criteria
- Fees structure
- Payment schedule
- Date of admission
- Latest news and updates about the institution
- Events and announcements

All the above information is crucial to make a decision and chatbots can easily solve this as they specialize in iterative functions. The first year students may find it overwhelming in their initial days. Use of bots can act as a way to guide them navigating through campus facilities.

Norway based company, EdTech Foundry, has designed an application which assists the students with quick replies related to syllabi, course information and also suggests academic articles. The differ chatbot is an effective teaching assistant made specifically for a better student engagement rate.

III. Enhanced Engagement

As we have already discussed the importance of an effective communication in converting the prospective applicants for enrolment, it is quite clear that engagement is the key. Today, teaching professionals can easily engage with their students around the globe with bots like Botsify where one can store assignments and solutions.

IV. Counseling:

The educational institutions who may not wish to allot human resources to deal with queries related to online counseling, a chatbot is just the perfect choice. The idea is to ensure the visitors landing on an education site get their queries answered.

V. Information on administration and Faculty:

Students flock at the universities or college websites once admission season starts. Inquiries related to admission process, fees, facilities offered by the institution and administration are the common concerns amongst parents and students. This can be easily resolved by a virtual assistant. Information such as contact details, library, cafeteria and other service provided by information, faculty list and admin profile to name a few, is something that parents are concerned with and bots can assist them with these queries. This ensures the student gets the valued information and hence higher possibility of conversion.

To conclude:

For educational institutes, what if the students can connect with you the way they connect with their friends? A simple text is all that takes to deliver convenience to the potential applicants. In addition to that, these conversations are secure, trackable and actionable to collect the data that can be used for future references. If that wasn't enough, one can customize the chat box to have checklists forms, photo wizards, setting up preferable languages and more.

Leveraging digital messaging can transform the way you communicate with your customers driving sales and redefine communication. The chat bots for higher education offers active engagement, immediate solutions and immersive experience, thereby an opportunity for the Universities to forge a better relationship with their students. Apart from the decrease in the need for manual labor, they can reduce workload for the staffs.

With that, one can only expect progress and innovation and chat bots are here to make a mark!

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