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Top 10 Healthcare Chatbots would Make Your Life Better

Chatbots are revolutionizing every industry. And the healthcare industry is no different.

With the use of smart algorithms, the usage of both auditory & text-methods, and by understanding the human emotions & empathizing with them, medical chatbots are top-notch in their approach.

Here are top chatbots in healthcare that are making a huge impact in the patients' life.


If you're someone who needs to take a lot of medicine during the day, Florence may help you. She is a personal nurse and she would remind you to take your medicines. This particular feature is very useful for old people.

You can also check about a medicine by typing the name of the medicine in the chat box. Florence would tell you the dosage and the time you should take them. This medical chatbot works on Kik, Skype, and Facebook Messenger.

Florence also helps you check your health, mood, body weight, and period. This 'nurse' will also help you find the nearest store or dispensary in case you have an emergency.

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Ada Health

The present trend is to check what happened to you if you're not feeling well. Your greatest ally is Google and its search bar.

But now, you can change that and take an expert's advice without going to the doctor.

Use Ada health.

More than 1.5 million people have already tried Ada and it's amazing.

Its huge AI-based database helps you figure out what happened to your body based on the symptoms you have.

This medical bot also predicts to take a doctor's consultation if it sees that the symptoms can't be cured by taking a medicine.

It's safe to use and saves hassle.

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Buoy Health

This is a premium medical chatbot in the segment of chatbots in the healthcare industry. It's developed by a team of computer scientists & doctors.

The best parts of this medical chatbot are -

  • The data was collected through Harvard Innovation Laboratory
  • The data was collected from a whopping numbers of medical papers, i.e. 18,000
  • The data was also collected after looking at around 5 million patients going through 1700 conditions

By using this medical chatbot, you'd be able to look at your symptoms and judge your conditions. It directly asks you questions to offer you a solution.

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Cancer Chatbot

As the name suggests, this medical chatbot is made to serve cancer patients among all the chatbots in healthcare.

However, if you want to help your friends, relatives, near and dear ones that are fighting the battle of cancer, you can use this bot on Facebook Messenger as a helpful resource.

Cancer chatbot will empathize with you, provide you with tips and help you deal with the disease.

During the time of crisis, what people need is resources that would help them take action. And this is exactly what you get when you use this chatbot.

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GYANT is a bridge between patients and doctors.

GYANT is a medical chatbot that asks questions to the patients to understand their symptoms and send the information to the doctors. Then the doctors diagnose the symptoms and prescribe the medicines to the patients.

This chatbot is not only available in English, it's also available in Portugese, German, and Spanish.

This is now available on Alexa and Facebook Messenger. And the company is working to release it on other additional platforms.

The company has already served 785,000 in Latin America and has been planning to serve more.

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Among all the chatbots in the healthcare industry, Sensely's medical chatbot is called 'Molly'. Molly is able to look at the text, speech, videos, and images of the patients' symptoms and be able to give a prediction based on that.

The user/patient can choose to use the voice or text while talking to Molly. Molly also uses a triage system that helps to understand the emergency of a particular case.

Molly also provides a local service discovery and amazing resources for you to care for yourself.

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Your.Md is one of the best healthcare chatbots you'd ever find. In the year 2017, Your.Md was awarded the most prestigious UNESCO award.

This medical chatbot is available on KIK, Telegram, iOS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and many other messaging services and browsers.

This medical bot allows you to access doable health information and also provides you a lot of great medical services.

Its system checker review is also user friendly.

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This particular medical chatbot is for doctors (yes, not for the patients).

A doctor requested a developer to develop an app that'd be able to help get the information out about drugs in relation to breast-feeding.

And that's how safegrugbot was born.

So, basically this medical bot helps medical professionals to retrieve the information about the drugs on breast-feeding. And it also helps find out the ingredients inherent within the medicine and alternative medicines.

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This is also another medical chatbot for cancer patients. But it also supports cancer survivors.

The purpose of this bot is to empower the cancer patients and survivors with the right diet, medications, exercises, offered by the experts of Integrative Medicines so that they don't need to depend on the doctors all the time.

OneRemission also helps the patients find out about the risks & benefits of particular foods & products.

If they require any advice, they can also consult with an oncologist directly by using the medical chatbot.

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Babylon Health

Babylon Health is one of the topmost health service and medical consultation medical chatbots. It was founded in the year 2013. It offers a live video consultation by looking at a patient's medical history using artificial intelligence.

This chatbot is valued over $2 billion. Over 70,000 consultations have already been done. It's also trying to expand its services in all the cities in the UK.

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If you want to start using one of the healthcare chatbots above, go for Ada to begin with. It's easy to use, great at what it does, and almost 99% accurate.

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