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Telegram is expanding support for video live streams with its latest update. 

Version 8.0 of the app, which is available now on both iOS and Android, allows live streams to be watched by an unlimited number of viewers, up from the previous limit of 1,000. Increasing the maximum number of viewers like this opens the door to Telegram becoming a full-on mobile live streaming platform. 

Other new features will include options like when forwarding messages, and a shortcut to switch between channels, Clubhouse-style voice channels with support for “millions” of live listeners, remove captions and hide sender names while forwarding messages and media and many more.

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Clubhouse has now introduced a spatial audio feature. With the new feature, the audience will enjoy a three-dimensional space effect. 

Users will feel like they're in a live room as they listen to the audio chats remotely. This feature aims to enhance the user experience on the app. The effect is being applied by first assigning a specific position to each speaker and then evenly distributing them around the “room”. Finally head related transfer functions or HRTFs are being implemented.

The iOS update for the feature has been rolled out already, while the Android update is yet to be released. On the platform this feature will be available as the default experience, but in case someone doesn't want the spatial audio effect, they can simply turn it off anytime.

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Social audio app Clubhouse rolled out a direct messaging feature 'Backchannel' to allow users interact one-to-one and in groups.

The idea is to help users coordinate with the co-host, plan next set of questions, discuss who to pull up and organise the whole scene in advance. Listener panel can also chat with each other at any time in a room. To start a conversation tap on the air plane icon at the bottom right or swipe left to access the chat thread.

It also has a second inbox for message requests from people whom users have not added to their account.