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LinkedIn is scrapping off the ‘Stories' feature that it introduced last year exclusively for the mobile users.

Launched in September last year, LinkedIn Stories mirrored footsteps of Facebook and allowed users to post short videos on the platform which automatically disappear after 24 hours. “As part of the change, we'll remove the current Stories experience by the end of September, as we work on the new experience.” stated LinkedIn's Senior Director of Product Liz Li. The Microsoft-owned company has announced that the change will come into force on September 30. 

After that any image or video ads that were planned to run in between Stories will instead be shared to the LinkedIn feed. In a blogpost  LinkedIn also clarified that  any previously promoted or sponsored stories from a LinkedIn Page would not appear in the feed automatically and advertisers need to recreate the content.

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Microsoft announced that users can manually install Windows 11 even if their PC is not supported.

Though the software maker has recommended hardware requirements for Windows 11, users who have a PC with an older CPU that doesn’t officially pass the upgrade test can still go ahead and download an ISO file of Windows 11 and install the OS manually. Microsoft states that this install workaround is primarily designed for businesses to assess Windows 11. 

For those who are happy to install Windows manually, Windows 11 specs won’t matter as long as they have a 64-bit 1GHz processor with two or more cores, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. Though Microsoft won’t be advertising this method of installing Windows 11 and can’t guarantee driver compatibility or overall system reliability.

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Windows 11 is likely to introduce several visual enhancements to the interface such as a new Action Center, Start Menu and a new redesigned Taskbar.

Microsoft is going to redesign core Windows apps like the Microsoft Photos app, Microsoft Paint, and the classic Notepad as well. The objective is to offer cleaner interface to its users. The Windows Calculator and PowerToys will also observe some major changes in appearance.

Along with it, the company is updating some of its system apps on Windows 11 to better integrate with the new design. Windows 11 is expected to hit the market later this year.

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OpenAI has again made the headlines when OpenAI with GitHub have launched a technical preview of a new AI tool called ‘Copilot’.

The official website of Copilot explained it as an “AI pair programmer” that suggests “whole lines or entire functions right inside your editor.” Copilot analyses the code you’ve already written and generates new matching code, including specific functions that were previously called.

Copilot is currently available to selective applicants as an extension in Visual Studio Code, the flagship programming tool of Microsoft. But you can sign up on the project’s website for a chance to access it.