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Facebook is launching "Horizon Workrooms", a space for users to work together remotely in groups with Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets or other modes of connection.

Users will be able to use the "avatar creation system" to create cartoon-like characters in 3D-animated work spaces and communicate with coworkers in virtual meetings. Workers can enjoy the full benefits of this free platform by wearing an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset while working. Others can also join via their smartphones, desktops, or laptops and participate in different levels of interaction.

Facebook mentioned that the aim is to acknowledge the way we used to work is changing. More people are working remotely and require flexible work options. Horizon Workrooms are currently available for free to download on Oculus Quest 2 in countries where it is supported. 

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Social media tycoon Facebook India announced that in order to expand its presence in the South Asian market, they are going to help small and medium sized businesses in securing loans.

Facebook’s partnership with Indifi will allow small businesses that advertise with Facebook can get loans between ₹5 lakh and ₹50 lakh at a predefined interest rate of 17-20% per annum and applicants will not be charged a processing fee. Wholly or partly women-owned small businesses can get a special 0.2% reduction per annum on the applied interest rate from Indifi.

The company mentioned that India will be the first country to see the roll out of ‘Small Business Loans Initiative’. The overall goal is to make business loans easily accessible for small entrepreneurs, and reduce the credit gap within India’s MSME (micro, small and medium enterprises) sector.

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Facebook has allegedly confirmed that it is recruiting a team of AI (Artificial Intelligence) researchers in order to analyze encrypted data without cracking it. The aim is to obtain luscious information for targeted advertising.

The social networking giant is trying to fetch information from encrypted data while maintaining the privacy to keep unauthorized eyes from viewing the data. Successful completion of the testing will allow the company to extract enough data for targeted advertising without actually retracing its public commitment to safeguard its users’ privacy.

Although a Facebook spokesperson mentioned to The Information that it is "too early for us to consider homomorphic encryption for WhatsApp at this time”. The social media tycoon has already been confronted about its questionable privacy policies a good number of times.

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Facebook is adding sound with the emojis aka “Soundmojis” to Facebook Messenger.

Users can access Soundmojis by tapping the emoji button in a Messenger conversation. From there, they can select the loudspeaker icon to preview and send their preferred Soundmojis. The feature includes sound clips such as clapping, crickets, drum roll, evil laughter and many more. It will also allow users to include audio clips from different artists, TV shows and movies.

Make sure to keep checking the list of emoji as time goes on. Facebook mentions it will be updated “regularly” with new sounds.