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TikTok has launched an app for LG’s 2020 and 2021 smart TVs. The app is already available in these recent webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0 models with a firmware update that started rolling out on October 7th, but will also be coming to older 2019 models “in the coming months.”

The app is primarily launching in the UK, France, and Germany, the TV manufacturer announced. Considering how optimized TikTok is for portrait-mode mobile viewing, it’s not going to look great on living room televisions. But TikTok is claimed to be trying to reach a broader audience with its smart TV apps, as well as to tap into the higher advertising rates associated with TV viewing.

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According to a recently published report by analyst firm App Annie, app users in the UK and US are spending more time on TikTok than on YouTube. 

The short-video app is considered to have “upended the streaming and social landscape”. The report also states that the average watch time per user in the US on TikTok was approximately nine percent more than that on YouTube.  However, the difference was much more vivid, in the UK where the average time spent per user on TikTok was over 64 percent more than on YouTube. The growth comes despite the ban of TikTok in India, which was the largest market for the app. 

Though YouTube managed to retain its leadership for overall time spent among social, communication, photo and video, and entertainment apps globally. The average time spent data posted by App Anni is based on the consumption of Android users.

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TikTok users can now shop directly from the app. TikTok and Shopify first disclosed their partnership last year to US merchants with advertisings on the app.

The new TikTok Shopping feature, allows Shopify merchants with a TikTok For Business account to add a 'shopping tab' to their profiles and showcase product catalogs to the app in order to link their online store. "Sellers can also link directly to their products in their videos by tagging them, allowing TikTok users to shop directly from videos", stated the company.

Many believes that this partnership is a way to develop its social commerce and e-commerce strategy. Kylie Cosmetics, a beauty brand owned by Kylie Jenner, is one of the first adopters of this new feature.

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TikTok is piloting TikTok Stories, which aims to let users’ explore an additional way to share their creative contents.

The video sharing platform mentioned that the new feature will be available as another option along with its existing storytelling tools like Videos, Duets, Stitch and LIVE. The main difference between TikTok Stories and stories on other platforms is that here the users can publicly comment on Stories and see who has viewed Story contents instead of a list of private story views and replies going straight to a DM.

Though there is no official word for how long the pilot test would run or whether it would be available globally.

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Facebook-owned photo sharing platform, Instagram will now make it a lot easier for you to understand posts in foreign languages. Soon it is going to introduce a new option to automatically translate text in story posts. It will display a “See Translation” option on the top left of the screen in case users’ set language is different from the one in the story.

Instagram can now translate in up to 90 languages and this new feature will be available globally soon.

On the same note, Instagram recently announced that users can now make Reel videos for up to 60 seconds. Until now the Facebook-owned messaging platform allowed TikTok like short format videos for 15 seconds and 30 seconds only.

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A year after its ban in India, the popular short video app TikTok may re-enter the country named as ‘TickTock’.

The app’s parent company ByteDance has filed a trademark for ‘TickTock’ with the Controller General of Patents Design and Trademarks. The trademark application has been filed earlier this month and the description reads, “hosting multimedia entertainment content, hosting of multimedia and interactive applications."

Since TikTok’s ban, other social networking platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat have released their own short video platforms in form of Reels, Shorts, and Spotlight. Although the company is eager to resume its operations in India, there is no official word out yet.

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The short-video platform, TikTok will now automatically remove lewd contents from its platform. 

A new system will be rolling out to block videos that violate the company’s policies and guidelines. The content related to minor safety, nudity, sexual activities, illegal activities and regulated goods, the videos will be yanked as soon as it will be uploaded.

As per the new guidelines, if TikTok systems detect a violation, they will remove the video immediately. The user will be informed about the same and can appeal to the company to reconsider its decision.

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TikTok is introducing its new 'Resumes' program in the US, which will allow people to post personal job pitches via TikTok clips.

TikTok's trying to slide into the recruitment space via a new, dedicated job application process for a while now. Candidates can use TikTok clips to "showcase their skill-sets and experiences", then post them to the app using the #TikTokResumes tag in their caption.

There's also a dedicated TikTok Resumes website where you can get ideas and tips for your personal video pitch, and search through listed openings.

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TikTok has confirmed that there is an update in the privacy policy for its American users which may allow the app to collect biometric data like faceprints, voiceprints from its users' contents.

The policy states that the video based social app will ONLY ask for permission if it's required by the state law.

Though at the moment TikTok doesn’t support any feature which requires such Biometric information, they consider this data to prop up future attributes in the app such as automatic captions or improving its filters.