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Twitter has come up with a new prompt that could be shown to users before they engage or reply to a particular tweet. The plan is to warn them that the conversation can possibly get intense and heated. 

The micro-blogging platform is currently piloting prompts for its apps on Android and iOS, that would inform users about a conversation that could get heated. The company says it is working on the feature as part of its efforts to “better support healthy conversation” on the platform.

The company shared an image of the feature in action, showing a tweet with multiple quoted tweets and a reply under it, as an example of a tweet that might have received controversial replies. Under the regular tweet action bar, the new prompt will notify “Heads up” followed by “Conversations like this can be intense”. According to the company, the service might consider the topic of the tweet and the relationship between the tweet author and the person replying to display the prompt.

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Twitter announced that it is piloting emoji reactions for tweets that go beyond a simple “Like”. 

In the upcoming days, users in Turkey will be able to respond to tweets with the “Face with tears of joy”, “Thinking face,” “Clapping hands,” “Crying face,” emojis or a simple “Heart.” This test is only scheduled to run for a limited time, but Twitter says it might expand it to users in more countries depending on the response.

The aim is to give people more ways to quickly show how they feel about a tweet. The emoji are accessible via a long-press of the Like button, while a short tap will send a regular Like. Rumors of the test emerged earlier this year after users reported being surveyed about potential emoji for inclusion.

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Twitter is rolling out Ticketed Spaces for some iOS users. A Spaces user can charge money for letting you enter his audio room. 

The micro-blogging site stated that it is currently experimenting with the feature with selected iOS users. Twitter started its applications to try Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows earlier this year.

Ticketed Spaces will let users host exclusive audio shows like sessions, concerts or musical shows but audience will not be able to join them for free. Using Ticketed Spaces, the creators can make money by charging people. Though Twitter did not reveal when the feature would be rolled out to Indian users.

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Twitter is piloting a new feature that will allow users to flag misleading contents, which has only grown more during the pandemic.

Starting this week, a button would be visible to selective users from the United States, South Korea, and Australia to choose "it's misleading" after clicking "report tweet." Users can also be more specific while reporting the misleading tweet as potentially containing misinformation about "health," "politics" or "other."

Twitter has started working on strengthening its privacy policies during the COVID-19 pandemic and the US presidential election to stop the spread of misinformation.

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Twitter is making changes to its new redesign after users complained about headaches and discomfort.

After testing the new design in January, Twitter introduced the redesign which involved high-contrast colors and a custom designed font named ‘Chirp’ earlier this month. At the time, the micro blogging platform mentioned that it would improve content consumption and clean up "visual clutter".

But many users, mainly with accessibility needs, found the redesign confusing, hard to read and extremely bright. Twitter claimed that they have identified issues with the Chirp font and are actively working to fix it. 

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Twitter is upgrading “Spaces” to allow users add up to two co-hosts for its social audio rooms. The aim is to make it easier for hosts to manage the space.

Once invited, the co-host can manage requests, invite speakers, remove participants, pin tweets and more. Co-hosts have almost all the managing privileges as the main host. Though there are a few mentionable restrictions such as only the main host can invite or remove another users as the co-host and only the original host can end an ongoing room.

This new feature was announced by a tweet from the Spaces team. The micro-blogging team also mentioned that it is working on creation of something similar to the old disappearing tweet feature "Fleets" which was cancelled last July. This feature will possibly be renamed as "Space bar."

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Twitter is going to introduce a new feature which will allow business owners to add a shopping section to the top of their profiles. Tapping on a product will be directly linked to a listing where users will be able to make a purchase without ever leaving Twitter. 

Right now, Twitter is collaborating with a small number of brands such as GameStop, Arden Cove, and around ten others. The micro-blogging site did not reveal when it might expand to more brands. The feature is currently available to iOS users in the US. 

On a side note, now Twitter will allow some users know if their account is suspended or locked when they log in. Previously, if Twitter account was locked or suspended, users would receive an email.

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As Twitter Spaces have become more popular, the micro-blogging site is trying out new ways to make it more absorbing.

Soon Twitter is going to roll out a new “Voice Transformer” feature which will be equipped with multiple voice change effects during a live Spaces. The attribute will allow users to change their voice pitch or add echo to their audio. The list of voice effects that will be available in Twitter Spaces are Bee, Cartoon, Helium, Incognito, Karaoke, Microphone, Phone, Spatial, Stadium, and Stage.

Though the required code for ‘Voice Transformer’ feature is present in the current version of the Twitter app, it is still unknown when it will be available to everyone.

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Politicians often busy staring at their phones or tablets while an important debate or discussion over a proposed law is underway. There's a software that keeps a check on politicians with such behaviour.

'The Flemish Scrollers’ , detects politicians in the Flemish province of Belgium when they get distracted and start using phones during live-streamed proceedings.

Written in Python, the software uses machine learning to detect phones and facial recognition to identify distracted personnel. Once the live-stream starts, the software searches for phones and then the distracted politicians. The tool then posts the video of such politicians on Twitter and tags them.

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Micro-blogging site Twitter, is working to make it possible for users to sign in the account through a connected Google Account.

Soon there’ll be three options on Twitter's sign-in page, such as "Sign up", "Log in" and a third option, "Continue with Google".

Presumably, this button will allow you to attach your Google Account to an existing Twitter account or, create a new Twitter account with your Google Account details.