Plug n Play eCommerce Chat bot

Our very intelligent naturally conversing chatbot for your eCommerce store or retail store engages customers with product search, recommended products, checkouts, sign up for loyalty memberships and more.

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An ecommerce chatbot addressing customer queries

Our Intelligent Ecommerce Chatbots Can Do A Lot For Your Online Business

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Engage Website Visitors With AI Powered Voice Assistant

Give your customers the convenience to interact with your business through Google Home & Alexa.

Better Shopping Experience

Our chatbot understand a customers intent and shopping style. Our bot is intelligent and remembers a customers shopping behavior, preferences and makes recommendations in line with them. Customers feel assisted rather than an intrusion of their shopping experience.

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A girl enjoying shopping online on the go

Happier Customer and more busines

Customers stick to ecommerce sites or retail stores where they have a pleasant experience while shopping not just great products. Visitors to your store like to be assisted when they need it without your agent being too intrusive. Our chat bot is trained to provide the right level of assistance when needed, provide the right information or guidance and assist in product selection resulting in increased sales conversions and also higher order value.

Convenient and cost effective

Our chatbot has a superior level of intelligence and an accurate information access to guide your visitors towards a sale. Everything is automated and relieves you the cost burden of having a real agent assisting your customers. More so, our chatbot can handle a large no of visitors at a time and hence no visitor has to wait for any assistance.

A man exploring online shopping offers to find the best deal
A chatbot working round the clock

24/7 Availability

Our Chatbot is available 24 x7 and always available to assist your visitors like a human like shopping assistant. You do not need to man a live chat with a live agent anymore and can actually do a lot more.