NCR Technosolutions

We are a team of committed individuals who care for our customers. We love technology and strive hard to keep abreast the latest technologies. We engage with our customers as tech advisors, extended development teams and support their business applications. With transparent communication, flexible engagement models we are the long term choice of our customers.

How we serve our customers

We are a dynamic team of creatives people of design, marketing, web & apps development.

NCR Technosolutions is a US based firm focused on enabling digital transformation across enterprises. We are based out of Princeton, NJ, US and have a development center at Kolkata, India and a customer engagement office in London, UK.

Our customers include Small and medium enterprises, Digital agencies, Innovative Start-up companies.

Our focus areas are AI based Chatbot development and deployment, development of Mobile apps, Web based Cloud applications and integration of applications to backend ERP & CRM systems. We are helping organizations make the transition from On-premise software implementations to Cloud based applications, mobilizing all the pillars of an enterprise - employee, customers, partner, and information.

We offer ready to deploy and train AI based natural conversational chatbots for business. Our chatbots are design for specific use cases of specific industry like Hotels, Car dealerships, educational institutes, eCommerce sites, Hospitals and Medical centers and for CXOs. We can design and develop AI based chatbots for your business exactly tailored to your specific use cases and needs.

We offer ready to customize and adapt mobile applications for various industry segments. We do custom development of web applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable help Small and medium enterprises or innovative Start ups grow their business and achieve cost efficiency by embracing digital transformation at an affordable cost through the usage of existing and new age technologies like mobile apps, Cloud apps, Artificial intelligence, Robotics process automation, Internet of things (IOT) and analytics.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enable digital enterprises by working closely with the business and IT teams of small and medium business.

  • Help understand how digital transformation can help them achieve revenue growth and cost efficiency.
  • Help prepare a roadmap of digitalization effort.
  • Provide technology guidance and help navigate through the maze of available technology options.
  • Develop use cases for do cost benefit analysis.
  • Develop beautiful mobile apps with great user experience, using the latest technologiesfor internal employees, for customers, for channel partners and consumers.
  • Develop beautiful and functional web applications running in the cloud.
  • Design, develop and deploy Artificial Intelligence powered industry specific chatbots in a range of industries.

Our Practices

We are a team of smart developers and technology enthusiasts in areas of mobile apps, web applications, Artificial intelligence applications, and IOT applications.

Mobile & Web Development

We have a team of 40+ mobile and web application developers. Our mobile app developers are skilled in IOS, Android, IONIC and REACT Native mobile app development. Our skills are in areas of GPS navigation, Geo-fence-based event triggers, Uber type Service marketplace apps, Augmented reality, Live streaming, and more. We develop apps for various industries, using the latest technologies and integrating the best in class 3rd party APIs. We develop Web applications in a range of technologies.


On the IOT side of things we focus on Proximity marketing, Indoor navigationand applications based on Sensors like weight, temperature, humidity and others. We integrate IOT devices with mobile or web applications and enable IOT analytics.

Card image of web and mobile applications
AI Bots & Automation

Our AI practice focusses on design, development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence based Chatbots that can converse with customers using natural language. Our bots run on various platforms like your business website, your business phone, Google Home, Alexa, Facebook Messenger and more. Our bots are designed for specific industries and tailored to business use cases in the industries. We provide full service in successful deployment of the bots and provide continued support.

Meet The Team

Innovation, Creativity, Growth, Goals, and Success – resonate within the team and forms the basis of our work culture.
We work hard with a lot of Passion and Determination.

Life at NCRTS

At NCR Technosolutions, we have a work environment that motivates, leaders who can be approached, and colleagues are committed towards giving their best. We help employees in recognizing their core strength and help them build skills in the fast-changing world of technology. We conduct technical trainings in-house, in order to keep our employees abreast with the trending tech skills. We celebrate company events, personal milestones or projects successes and recognize individual brilliance as well.

Team India of NCRTS
Workspace of NCRTS India office
A casual evening with NCRTS team of India
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NCRTS Team Dinner
Dinner with NCRTS India Team
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Our Offices

Office building of NCRTS in New Jersey, USA

US Office

US Headquarters
NCR Technosolutions LLC
100 Overlook Center, 2nd Floor
Princeton, NJ

Office building of NCRTS in Kolkata, India

Kolkata Office

Chatterjee International Centre, 5th Floor, Suite A-10, 33A, J. L. Nehru Road, Kolkata - 700071