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Our chatbot for educational institutes is a virtual assistant that can conveniently provide institute info, exam schedules, placement & internship opportunities, info on facilities, fee info, course registration and more.

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Our Chatbots Can Do A Lot To Help You Manage Recurring Activities Of Your Educational Institute

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Engage Your Students & Their Parents With Our AI Powered Voice Assistant

Give your customers the convenience to interact with your business through Google Home & Alexa.

How Our AI Chatbot Can Help You Manage Your School Operations More Efficiently

Easy access to Programs / Courses and more:

Make it easy for current students / future students / parents to find the programs, courses you offer

Chatbot making information on all courses easily accessible
Chatbot helping in increasing student enrolment

Increase course sign ups

Let students or parents sign up for courses through natural conversation. Enable them to know course prerequisites, course faculty and other relevant info.

Make library info available easily

Let students find information about the Library facilities, open hours. Let students find info about library books, reserve a book, check to whom a book is issued and when it is likely to be available.

With better information on availability of books, students get to read more
Chatbot making access to exam results easy

Exam info and grades at fingertips

Let students and parents access exam info, dates, exam schedule, test results / grades in an easy manner anytime they need to.

Institute Facility & branding

Let future students / parents / visitors access Institute info, campuses / center info, teaching style, success stories in an easy manner and boost student registrations.

Image of a school laboratory
Chatbot making access to information on placement and internship opportunities for student and parents very easy

Placement and Internship opportunities

Let students and parents access placement info of past years, the companies visiting campus for placements, Illustrious alumni info and more in a natural conversational style. Free up your placement cell / coordinators from being bombarded thru emails or phone calls for such info.

Tech News
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Twitter has come up with a new prompt that could be shown to users before they engage or reply to a particular tweet. The plan is to warn them that the conversation can possibly get intense and heated. 

The micro-blogging platform is currently piloting prompts for its apps on Android and iOS, that would inform users about a conversation that could get heated. The company says it is working on the feature as part of its efforts to “better support healthy conversation” on the platform.

The company shared an image of the feature in action, showing a tweet with multiple quoted tweets and a reply under it, as an example of a tweet that might have received controversial replies. Under the regular tweet action bar, the new prompt will notify “Heads up” followed by “Conversations like this can be intense”. According to the company, the service might consider the topic of the tweet and the relationship between the tweet author and the person replying to display the prompt.

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TikTok has launched an app for LG’s 2020 and 2021 smart TVs. The app is already available in these recent webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0 models with a firmware update that started rolling out on October 7th, but will also be coming to older 2019 models “in the coming months.”

The app is primarily launching in the UK, France, and Germany, the TV manufacturer announced. Considering how optimized TikTok is for portrait-mode mobile viewing, it’s not going to look great on living room televisions. But TikTok is claimed to be trying to reach a broader audience with its smart TV apps, as well as to tap into the higher advertising rates associated with TV viewing.

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PayPal has launched cryptocurrency trading on its platform in the United Kingdom. This is the first expansion of crypto trading on PayPal outside the US, where the service was launched in November 2020. 

Crypto trading will only be available to customers with verified accounts. Users will also get real-time prices and educational contents related to cryptocurrency on the platform. The company announced that all eligible PayPal customers in the UK can now buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin.

PayPal says it has over 375 million daily active users and 30 million merchants on the platform. While the company does not charge any fee for holding cryptocurrency, it is charging users for transactions and currency conversions.

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