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Empower your Sales Team With NCRTS Chatbot for Sales – Gyani!
Your Sales Team Needs to Keep Up with So Many Things. Have You Ever Thought about it?

Get an NCRTS sales assistant to help your sales team perform their best!

  • Stay up to date with information on competitors, company brands, sales performance, and target achievements.

  • Retrieve relevant information from data systems and make decisions business growth

  • Drive sales and keep pushing the revenue each month

  • Perform administrative tasks like drafting reports, keeping records, tracking them, and much more.

Seems like the sales team within an organization go through a lot, no? So, try and make their work easier with a chatbot for sales and marketing.

Look no further than NCRTS offers Gyani – a sales assistant to make lives easier for the sales team of your organization!

Did you know that according to business leaders, chatbots for sales can boost sales by an average of 67%?

Moreover, 69% of sales representatives say that sales bots have helped manage daily tasks and boost productivity!

Since numbers back it up, you must definitely consider NCRTS chatbot for sales. Here's what they can do for your sales team.

  • 24/7 availability
    Let your sales team enjoy a work-life balance while our chatbot for sales is on duty 24/7. With NCRTS chatbot for sales and marketing, your brand can be active across different channels even beyond business hours. Your users can contact your brand anytime and get their queries resolved without any human intervention.

  • Create a connection to the knowledge repository
    NCRTS sales assistants can make a strong connection with the knowledge base. Thus, it helps in quickly accessing data, retrieving them, and presenting them for daily tasks. Plus, the chatbot's connection to the knowledge base also makes it super-efficient in resolving customer queries within seconds.

  • Send reminders
    When it becomes difficult for the sales team to remain updated on important matters, understand that they need a chatbot for sales. NCRTS chatbot for sales and marketing can send the team reminders about sales targets, performance, customer information, and product information at periodic intervals to ensure that the sales team stays updated always!

NCRTS Chatbot for Sales – Gyani has helped Several Brands Perform their Best. Now it's your turn to try out our chatbot for sales & marketing!

Curious already? Talk to our experts and finalize your decision now!

Gyani is a voice enabled conversational business platform that runs on your enterprise Sales or CRM applications
  • Voice enabled
  • Natural conversations
  • Built in Sales intelligence
  • Runs on enterprise applications
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For Whom
Gyani runs on a range of devices

Iphone & Android Smartphone 

Google Assistant 

Google Home / Google Nest Hub


Alexa Speaker + Echo hub

Car dashboard

Android TV

How does Gyani add value to
your enterprise sales team
What can Gyani do through natural conversations?
  • Create new meeting
  • Update meeting notes
  • Reschedule a meeting
  • Invite attendees
  • Create new tasks
  • Update task
  • List tasks due or upcoming
Product Knowledge
  • Product FAQs
  • Recommend products
Customer Summary
  • Order status
  • Invoice payment status
  • Fetch Customer insights
  • Fetch Order status
  • Create Order
  • Update Order
Sales Performance
  • Territory Sales
  • By Customers
  • By product categories
Lead - Opportunity
  • Create Opportunity
  • Update Opportunity
  • Attach notes
  • Create follow ups
Customer Visits
  • Create Visit
  • Add Visit notes
  • Check-Ins
Day Plan
  • Customer Visits today
  • Tasks due today
  • Scheduled Meetings today
Gyani can answer