Keep Conversations going 24/7 with your customers on Instagram direct messaging via Instagram Chatbots from NCR Technosolutions!

More than 1.074 billion people are on Instagram. Are you conversing with your Target customers on Instagram?
Integrate Instagram Chatbots into your business account to reach out to the billion prospects waiting out there. Automate conversations, respond to queries within seconds, and remain active 24/7 with our Instagram bots. They can be the turning point for your business!

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How does Instagram Chatbots grow your business?

Around 71% of US businesses on Instagram make use of the platform to reach out to customers! So, start by sending a DM on their favorite channel and build valuable connections.

  • 1. Engage Customers Faster – Did you know Instagram can produce over 4x more conversations than Facebook? So, the faster you are on Instagram for business, the chances of boosting your sales increase. With our Instagram chatbots, you can engage customers in quick interactions. Plus, you can boost followers, comments, reactions to your post by running bot-powered ad campaigns, contests, and promotions.

  • 2. Send Quick Auto-Replies – Business on Instagram can enrich your customer experience. Customer queries like Is this product available? What's the price? What are your return policies? can be resolved within minutes through Instagram chatbots. So, why not let Instagram Chatbots handle these. Get customer FAQs answered within seconds with Instagram bots. You can also set up real-time responses by building a conversation flow using quick replies.

  • 3. Generate Leads – 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business. So, why miss the opportunity?! Nurture your Instagram connections using our smart bots. Our Instagram Chatbots are pros in capturing emails and contact details of prospects through DMs and Instagram ads. Run through these captured leads, and qualify them in no time. Plus, you can also jump into ongoing automated conversations to talk with qualified leads in real-time. So, ready to use Instagram for business?

  • 4. Experience More Sales - Businesses on Instagram experience more sales. Why? Because Instagram has 500+ million daily active users. The reach on the platform is wide. So, let our Instagram chatbots capture the most asked questions from the posts, comments, DMs and send automated replies to these FAQs. You can easily use all this time to engage with qualified leads and strike a sale.

  • 5. Manage Several Chats Simultaneously - Does your support team juggle several customer conversations? Well, it's quite a stunt. It increases the possibility of errors. Now, you can prevent such mistakes by getting our Instagram Chatbot. Our bots can handle hundreds of conversations simultaneously across different channels. Live agents plus Instagram chatbots equal a winning strategy!

Why implement Instagram Chatbots from NCRTS?

80% of Instagram users depend on the channel to make a purchase decision.

Businesses on Instagram are racing towards catching users' attention. From tags & hashtags, IG stories, to using CTAs and already trending topics for promotion, brands are doing everything to get the spotlight.

Are you ready to do something different? Here's how our Instagram Chatbots can turn the table.

  • 1. Quickly Solve General Customer Queries - Our Instagram chatbots can keep conversations going 24/7. Using our bots, start conversations and respond to general customer queries in no time.

  • 2. Offer Customer Care Assistance - Sending order confirmations, checking product availability, follow-ups, and helping customers with returns – our bots can efficiently manage these.

  • 3. Offer Superb Shopping Assistants - Walk the extra mile and set up our bots to assist customers in their shopping. Our Instagram chat bots can become your online 'salesperson' and guide buyers to shop within Instagram. No external links. Absolutely hassle-free.

Let's Build Bots Together!

Impressed with the benefits of Instagram chatbots? Then, start building your bot now. We are here to help you out with all the technicalities. Building, integration, and onboarding are on us. Just give your requirements and the bot will be at your service.

Why Choose NCR Technosolutions for your Instagram Chatbot?

1. We Offer the Best AI-Powered Bots

What makes bots developed by us so smart? AI and NLU. Our chatbots are AI-powered and backed by NLU (Natural Language Understanding) capabilities. Hence, they understand customer inputs really well.

2. Our Chatbots can be Trained for Different Industries

We offer pre-built and pre-trained chatbots for different industries. Whether you are an eCommerce brand or a healthcare brand, our Chatbots can meet all your specific requirements seamlessly.

3. We Offer Fully Managed Chatbots

Our Chatbots are highly efficient. You can rely on them for customer conversations without human supervision. They are fully managed and ready to function.

4. We Provide Integrations to your business CRM or ERP systems

Customers are our priority and we leave no stones unturned to deliver the best. We don't stop at building, training, and testing bots. We also offer integration services and connect your bot to your enterprise systems.

5. Our Prices are Competitive

Get the best at competitive prices! We cover a long list of services like building the bot, integrating, testing, training, and everything else at an affordable price. Plus, our subscription plans can help you save bucks.

Have A Look at Our Industry-Specific Instagram Chatbots
  • Kia on Messenger - Our Messenger chatbot for Medical centers
  • IRA on Instagram - Our Instagram chatbot for Ecommerce or Direct to Consumers businesses
  • FOSA on Instagram - Our Instagram chatbot for Restaurants
How to get started with an Instagram chatbot for your business?
  • Review our full featured Instagram chatbot and finalize the scope & features.
  • Get assistance with a Facebook Messenger business account set up.
  • Adjust & Integrate our Ready to use Instagram chatbot to your business systems. (if needed)
  • Go-live & announce it to your customers
  • Enjoy our fully managed services to stay cutting edge and implement new feature additions.
  • Free Consultation on how to effectively use Instagram chatbot for your business.

Our automated chatbots on the Instagram (Direct Messaging) platform come with a control panel for a human agent to take over any chat that is happening with your customers!

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Tech News
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Twitter has come up with a new prompt that could be shown to users before they engage or reply to a particular tweet. The plan is to warn them that the conversation can possibly get intense and heated. 

The micro-blogging platform is currently piloting prompts for its apps on Android and iOS, that would inform users about a conversation that could get heated. The company says it is working on the feature as part of its efforts to “better support healthy conversation” on the platform.

The company shared an image of the feature in action, showing a tweet with multiple quoted tweets and a reply under it, as an example of a tweet that might have received controversial replies. Under the regular tweet action bar, the new prompt will notify “Heads up” followed by “Conversations like this can be intense”. According to the company, the service might consider the topic of the tweet and the relationship between the tweet author and the person replying to display the prompt.

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TikTok has launched an app for LG’s 2020 and 2021 smart TVs. The app is already available in these recent webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0 models with a firmware update that started rolling out on October 7th, but will also be coming to older 2019 models “in the coming months.”

The app is primarily launching in the UK, France, and Germany, the TV manufacturer announced. Considering how optimized TikTok is for portrait-mode mobile viewing, it’s not going to look great on living room televisions. But TikTok is claimed to be trying to reach a broader audience with its smart TV apps, as well as to tap into the higher advertising rates associated with TV viewing.

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PayPal has launched cryptocurrency trading on its platform in the United Kingdom. This is the first expansion of crypto trading on PayPal outside the US, where the service was launched in November 2020. 

Crypto trading will only be available to customers with verified accounts. Users will also get real-time prices and educational contents related to cryptocurrency on the platform. The company announced that all eligible PayPal customers in the UK can now buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin.

PayPal says it has over 375 million daily active users and 30 million merchants on the platform. While the company does not charge any fee for holding cryptocurrency, it is charging users for transactions and currency conversions.

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