Specially Desgined AI chatbot To Handle Hotels Reservations

We have ready to deploy and train AI concierge chat bots for the hotel industry. Takes care of hotel booking, Guest services, Hotel info and more.

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Our Intelligent Chatbot Can Do A Lot For Your Hotel Business

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Engage Guests With Voice Assistant

Give your customers the convenience to interact with your business through Google Home & Alexa.

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How Our AI Chatbot Can Help You With Your Daily Hotel Business Activities

Make it easy for your guests to interact with you

Your guests expect convenience! They want to interact with your hotel staff through text chat or voice chats. They do not prefer to call the reception and hold to speak to the front office staff. Our chatbot will help you extend that convenience to your customers.

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Provide hotel information as and when needed

Our chatbots can intelligently respond to guest queries and provide various kind of information related to the hotel, like hotel facilities, neighborhood info, hotel policies in a easy conversational manner. This relieves the front desk the load of providing routine and frequently asked information to guests.

Make room booking a breeze

Let your guests book a room at your hotel, Bed& breakfast or Inn when they need to book, either through text chat or through voice. A super easy booking process will increase conversions resulting in increase booking of your rooms. Imagine the convenience of not needing to call your hotel to book a room or the need to go to a website and fill in a lengthy form. Your guests will love it and so will you.

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Provide availability info and best room prices to your guests

Let your guests check the types of rooms available at your hotel, the room facilities, which rooms are available for the desired dates of stay, what the prices in an easy conversational manner. Our chatbot can intelligently understand the users questions and provide accurate answers. This reduces load on the front desk / reception, enables higher interest to booking conversions and reduces cancellations.

Continue to engage during, before and after hotel stay.

Your guests will have many questions or requests during their stay at your hotel or BnB. They may want to book a airport drop off or hire a shuttle service to the downtown, or order room service and more. They may want to know how long the on premise restaurants are open or how to book a city tour. Our chatbots can engage with your users, provide accurate info, make intelligent suggestions and make them feel at home. Increased customer satisfaction makes way for recurring customer visits and kudos in the social media.

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