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Want to integrate Google Assistant into your business? Then, NCRTS is your destination. Let your customers find their answers and get things done with custom google assistant. Build your Google voice bot customized exactly to your business needs.

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Chatbot For Google Assistant

The world is changing every minute by the upward rise of the usage and implementation of Artificial Intelligence at every step. And to cope up with the advancements in technology, Google has announced the implication of Google Assistant technology to expand into a more diverse category of products. It is currently available on various voice-activated headphones and speakers along with the default smartphones to which it was catering its services.

And the use of these google assistant bots is as simple as any other voice or chatbots. It has now become a common practice for the customers to directly ask the google assistant various queries such as :

  • How far is the nearest Gas station?

  • What is the current weather outside?

  • Which restaurant in this area do you recommend for having Chinese dishes?

  • What are the current Black Friday offers on electronics?

Why Custom google assistant for business?

Businesses across the globe are leveraging the benefits of Google voice bots. Join the thousands of brands and let custom Google assistants elevate your customer experiences.

  • Let your brand have a voice!
    Custom google assistants can change the way your customers interact with your business. Let Google voice bots become the voice of your brand and connect to your customers like never before. NCRTS google home bots can chat with customers and build a positive brand image for you.

  • Get into action!
    Custom Google assistants can help your customers purchase products, schedule appointments, find stores, get product recommendations, offers, discounts, and more. Regardless of your business type. Google voice bots can assist your customers in getting things done. So, get ready to leverage NCRTS custom google assistants to drive customer engagement and sales too!

  • Be available for your customers anytime, anywhere
    No matter where your customers are, they can interact with your custom google assistants. Be it from their home, on the go, or anywhere, you can be available for your customer. With NCRTS custom google assistants, you can interact with your customers 24/7 and be available for responding to their queries, taking orders, booking appointments, and whatnot!

  • Integrate Google assistants with devices
    Are you looking forward to making work easier for your employees? Then NCRTS Google voice bots can be the right option for you. With Google assistants, you can integrate your devices and make your business an intelligent one. Integrate Google voice bots with security systems, computer systems, locks, lights, and let your employees control everything from their smartphones.

  • Make communication easy
    Make your teams collaborate easily and stay in touch with everyone through custom Google assistant. Schedule calls, appointments, meetings, and much more with custom Google bots and create a stronger connection among your employees.

  • Set reminders and notes
    NCRTS custom google assistants can help you set reminders and notes. Remind yourself of that meeting with the client, review the project progress, book an appointment, and so on. Being one of the most useful features, trigger your customer relationship growth with Google assistants' reminders and notes features.

How Well Does A Google Assistance Bot Fit Into Business Perspective?

  • Not everybody's cup of tea: Making use of the chatbots like google assistant in running a business takes a lot of tweaks and enhancements. But once implemented, it is going to change the overall game for your business. It is capable of doing almost everything that is done by a manual workforce.
  • A cross-platform implementation: The versatility and flexibility of the google bots make them fit into almost any platform, thereby making them an instrument of universal usage.
  • Cost efficiency: the setup costs incurred for a google chat bot are relatively low. Also, The time consumed is less. And once it is set up and programmed properly, it can be put into use whenever required without having the need to change anything in specific.

On the contrary, almost the majority of the consumers are relying on the bot technology in today's age. And google assistant bot is one such AI voice and chatbot that tops the list of customer preferences for Bit interactions.

Why Choose NCRTS Custom Google Assistants?

At NCRTS, we have our expert team to offer you the best. We create the most efficient and effective Google voice bots that are tailored to your business needs.
Our technological prowess helps us create awesome chatbots for our clients. We can ensure you that NCRTS custom Google assistants can take your business to new heights.
So, are you ready to use custom Google assistants from NCRTS to elevate your customer experience and shoot up your business growth?
Custom Google Assistants or Google Voice bots for your business can bring about a powerful change!
To know more about NCRTS services reach us out right away!

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