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Why Progressive Web App (PWA) is the future of apps?

The many unique advantages of PWA is making it a viable alternative to mobile apps. In addition to huge support from leading companies like Google, Microsoft has significantly increased the adoption of PWA.

URL based app

PWA apps have URLs by which they can be run in any browser devices.

App distribution Channels

PWA app can be distributed to target audience thru any channel like social media. SMS, email, chat.

Features of native app

Lightweight and elegant design offers an immersive experience.

Fast loading Better SEO

PWA apps have pre-rendered pages that load faster and support in-memory caching. This results in better SEO results.

In-app Notifications

Supports in-app notifications on a real time basis.

Supports Beacon & AR

PWA support beacon for proximity marketing and also Augmented Reality.

Real time data updates

Data updates are pushed to a PWA app on a real time basis.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but can offer the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native mobile applications.

Building a high-quality Progressive Web App has incredible benefits, making it easy to delight your users, grow engagement and increase conversions.

Prompted to sit on your home screen

When the Progressive Web App criteria are met, Chrome prompts users to add the Progressive Web App to their home screen.

Work reliably, no matter the network conditions

Service workers enables a PWA application to send significantly less data for initial page loads, and to complete the first transaction!

Increased engagement

Web push notifications helps clients increase engagement many times. The average time spend by the users in a PWA application is significantly higher than regular websites.

Improved conversions

The ability to deliver an amazing user experience helped companies like AliExpress achieve higher conversions for new users across all browsers.

Take a Look At How We Make a Difference

No matter if you have a non PWA regular website and intend to upgrade or if you are planning to build a new website we can help you adopt the PWA technology.

Develop a New Progressive Web App (PWA)

We at NCR Technosolutions can help you develop a new PWA from scratch. Our PWA apps are built with aesthetically beautiful UI and a high level of usability following design best practices. We developed well optimized backend / server-side code which ensures a high-performance application. Our PWA applications will have all the features unique to a PWA.

Convert your existing website to a Progressive Web App (PWA)

We can help you convert your current website or web application to a Progressive Web application along with the unique features of a PWA like Offline caching, faster load speeds, native like feel and in-app notifications.