Highly Interactive Plug n Play Alexa Bot For Business

Don't lose out on customers anymore due to long wait times! Integrate the NCRTS Alexa chatbot for offering instant customer service, reducing overall business costs, and enhancing customer engagement. So, get ready to up your customers' experience with our Alexa chatbots!

Alexa bot for business

All About Alexa Bot

Amazon's Alexa makes use of bots that run on both text and voice. An intricate combination of AWS services and JavaScriptsare used to construct a highly interactive experience for the visitors of the Website that makes use of Alexa bot.

How Can Alexa Bot Help Your Business Grow

And the applicable advantages of the Alexa bot? Well, the practical application of Alexa is precisely vast but given below are the key advantages of the same:

  • Instant customer service: Alexa bots helps convert the Helpdesk functionality into an instant Zero-Waiting Time customer service. On an average, almost 50% of the websites lose out on their customers because of the waiting time it takes to provide an active customer support.

  • Personal experience delivery: Personalization can be considered as a high on demand catalyst which holds the potential to effectively convert an existing customer into a returning customer and a prospect into a guaranteed customer. Alexa bot's conversational AI chatbotsare programmed in such a way that they give the customers an impression of conversing with a live human being instead of a robot. And this is where the personalization factor plays its part.

  • Elevated customer service level: Alexa bots are equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality that has the ability to decode and process the natural language from customers. This decoding is performed at the various functional level such as semantics, syntax, and discourse coupled with the speech to understand the customer intention. Hence, it takes a farther plunge into the human psychology to function at its optimum so as to deliver the highest level of customer service.

  • Enhanced user engagement: User engagement is a crucial factor in keeping the customers on the interactive mode with the bot as well as increase the chances for a conversion. And Alexa bots have specialized AI codes to perform this task effortlessly.

  • Payment and checkout assistance: The complications that are involved with the checkout process often leads to the customers abandoning the shopping cart. And most of the time, it's not a complex checkout process, but the un-attended and un-resolved customer queries that lead to this situation. The Alexa bot eliminates such a stage by always providing a payment and checkout assistance to the customers whenever they seek for it.

Why Alexa Chatbots for business?

If you are looking for voice bots, Amazon is your destination! In fact, Amazon is the first go-to place when you want a voice bot for your business.
NCRTS develops Alexa chatbot solutions with great in-depth knowledge of the service. We create the best voice bots to ensure excellent experiences for your customers.
Our Alexa chatbots are backed by the power of NLU and it is a mix of AWS services and JavaScript. No wonder, how beneficial our intelligent Alexa chatbots can be for your business.

Alexa chatbots Use Cases

Alexa chatbots are to level up your business growth. Done right, these voice bots can be a powerful tool to elevate your customer experience and drive your ROI altogether.

Ready to know what Alexa chatbots can do?

  • 1. Build your Brand – With Alexa voice bots, give your brand a voice. Let your company come to life through the interactive Alexa chatbots. While customers can text their queries through AI chatbots, with Alexa voice bots they can directly ask their queries. That's going to feel like human interaction, right?

  • 2. Drive sales via voice – What if your customers could make a purchase or avail a service just by voice interaction? Nothing could be more convenient, right?
    With Alexa chatbots, you can drive 2x sales. Alexa voice bots make it possible for customers to shop via voice. Let them place their orders or request service through vice interactions and your Alexa chatbot can carry out the activities of taking orders, accepting payments, etc.

  • 3. Shoot updates & news – Alexa voice bots are awesome for sharing news and updates. Use these fascinating Alexa chatbots to update your customers with new launches, company news, discounts and sales on their favorite products, and other key updates.

  • 4. Create a knowledge base – How about offering important information to customers via voice bots? Our Alexa chatbots exactly do so. You can turn your knowledge base into an interactive experience with voice bots. Let your customers ask Alexa chatbots for information or your products and service and the voice bot will respond promptly. We think it's going to be a fun experience!

  • 5. Retrieve important data - Alexa voice bots can make your days easier! Your managers and executives can now access and retrieve revenue data, campaign success, marketing performance, company growth metrics, and more just through interaction with our Alexa chatbots.

  • 6. Command devices - Through Alexa chatbots, you can also command your real-life devices. So, getting tasks done just got easier with the amazing Alexa voice bots, no?

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