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Must-have Features of eCommerce Apps for mobile that can be the Game-changer

A successful ecommerce mobile app is not only about the technology but also about the features you offer to your users. Mobile apps are created to enhance business growth and to give your users an amazing shopping experience. Here are some must have eCommerce mobile app features.

Seamless Payment & Easy Checkout

Secured payment gateway along with simple checkout process is crucial for mobile apps for a quick shopping experience. Giving various payment options to complete a transaction and integrating a mobile wallet are some ways that ensure ease in the checkout process.

Push Notifications

The on-the-go marketing tools, personalized and time-sensitive promotional triggers tend to inspire immediate action. Push notification is an important feature for the success of an ecommerce mobile app as it enhances customer engagement by notifying the users about promotions, offers, and special discounts.

Social Media Integration & Deep Link

Whatever features you add, having social media integrated will allow users easy login and registration. Not only this, but integrating social media will allow them to share your app offers on different social media platforms. Now if we have deep linking feature added to this, it will redirect your customer to a specific product, category, a content page or a form of the app.

Coupons & Loyalty Program

Develop mobile-centric coupons to capture the mobile users and increase conversions effortlessly by creating promotional coupons. This is a wonderful way to increase traffic on your app and promote sales with various offers. Its strategic usage can drive revenue largely and increase the loyal customers. Also you can have affiliate programs to bring in new customers as well as re-engage with existing buyers through offering premium points.


This very important feature should not be ignored. Those who have not added this feature are losing on the revenue. It is a way to bookmark items you wish to buy later. This also allows you to notify them if there are any offers on the same product in the future.

Order Tracking

Simple order tracking system enables your buyers to track orders from warehouse to their doorstep. Customers are able to track orders or products with real-time information. Even, your customers will get live updates about the order when ETA or status changes.

AI powered Assistants and Chatbots

They are an effective and low-cost way of providing 24/7 customer service and collect valuable data and track customer behavior. They help you respond to customer inquiries spontaneously. Voice is a potential game changer and voice-activated assistants are revolutionizing the ecommerce industry. With chatbot, eCommerce industry can increase conversion rates by tailoring the online experience for the consumer to the next level.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality refers to superimposing virtual objects on the real-world objects using the user's mobile. Apple and Google have made Augmented Reality (AR) mainstream with their individual frameworks for AR content development. Using augmented reality you can showcase a better view of your products thus enabling users to engage with your app. Using AR users can view your products through multiple angles on your e-commerce app. This will ensure that users are actually satisfied with what they choose to order, thus reducing return rates.

Smart Search and Product Recommendations

Search is core to any ecommerce app's product browsing experience. You should supercharge this feature by offering auto-complete suggestions, search history, and voice-enabled search. Combine this with intelligent filters and sorting options to get the user quickly to their desired product or service. Also product recommendation algorithm is designed using machine learning to help the app learn user's preferences and showcase related products or personalized suggestions. This helps you retain customers, engage users and improve cross-selling.


Geofencing is the technology that enables location-based marketing. Your mobile app can make use of GPS, RFID, Bluetooth beacons etc to allow your app to identify the location of the user. With the help of this technology, you can send customized marketing messages to the user based on his location. For example, you can send promotional offers as soon as the user enters a mall or marketplace. This will ensure that you take advantage of the timing and channelize the buying intent to your advantage.

Some Of the Best eCommerce Apps We Developed Recently

A few of our handcrafted apps optimized for performance.

Card image for LiveShop ecommerce app Card image for Liquor World ecommerce app

Key Features Of The App

Here are some of the features of this app

  • Easy Product Navigation
  • Secure Online Payment
  • Real-time Order Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Digital App Wallets
  • Coupons & Loyalty Program
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Social Media Integration & Deep Link
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
  • Virtual Assistants/Chat bots for Quick Support
  • Artificial Intelligence

Our Choice Of Technologies

Our expertise in a broad range of technologies lets us decide the best technology for the application to be developed.

Mobile app technologies

  • Native IOS app ( SWIFT / Objective C)
  • Native Android app ( Java / Kotlin)
  • Hybrid app: IONIC4 / Angular6
  • React Native

Web based admin panel

  • Laravel PHP
  • HTML5 / Bootstrap


  • mySQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Cassandra

Web Services

  • REST API - Laravel PHP
  • REST API - Node.JS

3rd Party API Integration

  • / OKTA for login authentication
  • Stripe / PayPal for Payment gateway
  • Google Map API,
  • Other APIs as required

How We Develop eCommerce Mobile Apps

We are a full life cycle mobile app design and development firm. We have a structured approach to app development. Depending on the nature of the project we deploy Waterfall or Agile methodology for development. Regular team meetings, frequent status updates to our clients are some of the hallmarks of our development process.

End to End support for your eCommerce business

We not just develop a great looking optimally performing app for your business, but also provide support to upload and make the app live in the app store or play store. We provide continued maintenance and improvement services. Upon request our mobile app marketing team will assist you with online promotions and marketing to grow your app user base.

Design and development

  • Requirement Analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • App development
  • Server side development
  • Testing

Store Upload

  • Upload of the app to Play store
  • Upload of the app to App store
  • Set up of Production ready backend / Cloud hosting

Technical Maintenance Support

  • App maintenance support
  • New feature additions
  • Technology upgrades

Digital Media Marketing/Promotion

  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Landing page - Onpage SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Promo Video Prep & marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Customer acquisition strategy

Why Engage us as your technology partner

In this fast changing world of technology, you need a partner who is knowledgeable, conversant with the latest technologies, delivers projects with minimal or no headaches and is also available to support when needed. NCRTS is your best partner!

  • Knowledge and usage of the lastest technology
  • Strong domain expertise and experience in this segment
  • End to End sevices. No need to deal with multiple vendors / developers.
  • Free 3 months bug fixing support
  • Clean, transparent, headache free delivery of your app
  • Extreme value- high quality work, high accountability, cost effective rates.
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