Medical Chat Bot Who Can Work As Virtual Medical Assistant

Our intelligent assistant / chat bot enables appointment booking, checking available doctors, doctor profiles, diagnostic test packages, locate nearest test centers and more.

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Our Intelligent Chatbots Can Act As Receptionist For Your Medical Institute

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Answer To Patient Enquiries With Our AI Powered Voice Assistant

Give your customers the convenience to interact with your business thru Google Home & Alexa.

Our Medical Chatbot is Enriched with Superb Features!

Want to know what features are available in our healthcare chatbots? Well, here are 4 modules that are available in our healthcare chatbot.

  • 1. General Inquiry

  • 2. Patient Assist - Core

  • 3. Doctor Assist

  • 4. Patient Assist - Advanced

  • General Inquiry - Be it about test reports or consultation prices, our healthcare bots are readily available to guide your patients. Also, you can ask our bot for information on doctors, specialties, facilities, business hours, visiting hours, and so on.

  • Patient Assist – Core - This feature of our medical bot can help your visitors get appointments on a specific date with specific doctors. Our intelligent healthcare chatbots are also capable of rescheduling appointments, booking follow-up visits, providing doctor recommendations, booking regular health checkups, booking ambulances, diagnostic tests, archiving patient history, accepting payments, and symptoms capture too.

  • Doctor Assist - Our healthcare chatbots can assist doctors too. Whether they need help with finding the patient's medical history, preparing prescriptions, reports, getting the symptoms information as shared by the patients, or viewing daily appointment schedules – our healthcare bot covers it all!

  • Patient Assist - Advanced - When it comes to offering advanced patient assistance, our healthcare chatbots are ready to do so efficiently. This feature in our medical chatbot enables the bot to take orders for medicines, let patients view or download test reports, prescriptions, appointments, and even invoices. Overall, with our healthcare chatbots, you can be stress-free regarding administrative tasks!

How Our AI Chatbot Can Help You With Patient Management

Easy access to information related to the medical center

Make it easy for people to get accurate and consistent info about the medical center including list of centers, location, driving info, open hours, visitor hours and more

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A long queue at the front office of a hospital

Reduce front office work load

Enable patient registration in an easy manner thru natural conversation. Reduce front office work load and reduce patient wait time before consultation.

Enable doctor appointment booking

Enable patients booking appointments thru casual chat with AI bots round the clock. Avoid the unnecessary phone calls to the front desk.

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A medical diagnosys lab

Enable registration for diagnostic testing

Enable patients to view available diagnostic tests, costs etc and book appointments for diagnostic tests thru interaction with chatbots.

Push health updates to patients thru chatbots

Enable patients to view available diagnostic tests, costs etc and book appointments for diagnostic tests thru interaction with chatbots.

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