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Make your brand effortlessly visible and start real-time conversations on Google Search & Maps. With our smart bots, you can automate your Google Business Messages and witness skyrocketing growth like never before.
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How can Google Business Messages Drive Sales?

Google Search home page is the most visited website with 3.5 billion searches processed every day. If you make your brand accessible right from Google Search or Maps, then how can you escape customers' attention?!

  • 1. Save the Long & Expensive Phone Calls – Bombarded with query-related calls coming from Google Search & Google Maps? Open up to online chatting. 75% of customers prefer chatting over calls. So, let customers text you for what they want, from wherever they are. Integrate our intelligent AI-powered chatbots into your Google Business Messages. The bot will efficiently handle the pouring queries.

  • 2. Build a Connect – Make your customer's shopping experience seamless by building a connection between your online and offline stores. With a Google Business Messages bot, you can route the customer queries to associates in your expert departments. The result? Happier and more satisfied customers!

  • 3. Convert Search into Sales – What happens when you can convert local search to sales? Sales can rise steadily by at least 30%.
    Google witnesses approximately 70,000 queries per second. So, capturing organic leads from local search is like hitting a lottery. Integrate our AI Chatbots into Google Business Messages. Route the conversations to your offline store and convert the prospect instantly. Plus, you can also use our bots to offer product recommendations and respond to queries.

  • 4. Offer Support on-Demand on the Top-Ranking Search Engine – 92% of the global traffic uses Google. Using an AI Chatbot, you can automate a whopping 80% of your customer queries. Respond to customers within seconds and build a connection of trust and reliability. You can also offer 24/7 support every single day at any time. Plus, bots offer quite accurate responses and they can handle 90% of the FAQs.

  • 5. Drive User Engagement – Engage your customers in an instant. Spice up your Google Business Messages conversations using quick replies, images, and product carousels. Make the conversation more fun and natural, less robotic with our AI chatbots. Let your customers have a superb shopping experience.

  • 6. Skyrocket Your Reach with Google Business Messages – As customers discover your brand through Google Search & Maps, make it super easy to contact you with Google Business Messages. Engage in conversations with customers at the very onset of their journey and capture the lead then and there. Better reach, higher sales!

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Why Should You Choose NCRTS Google Business Messages chatbots?

  • 1. Automate FAQs – Who cares about manually responding to thousands of queries when you have NCRTS Google Business Messages bots. Embrace automation and answer to Google Search & Map queries 24/7.

  • 2. Super-fast Customer Care Assistance – Our Google Business Messages bots not only handle queries; they also offer support whenever & wherever needed.

  • 3. Seamless Shopping Experience – Product recommendations, checking availability, offering product details, connecting customers to in-store associates, our chatbots can manage everything.

Building Bots Together!

Interestingly, by 2022, 75-90% of customer queries are expected to be managed by chatbots. So, if you are keen on employing one, let us build it together!

Why Choose NCRTS for your Chatbot Solutions?

  • 1. We offer AI-powered bots
    Our chatbots are AI-powered. They have expert-level NLU (Natural Language Understanding) capabilities. Hence, they catch user intent quickly and are good at comprehending inputs.

  • 2. We build Bots for Different Industries
    Different industries, different demands. We pre-build and pre-train bots for different businesses- restaurants, tours & travels, eCommerce. EdTech, and others. No matter where you belong, we will have a bot specifically suited to your business needs.

  • 3. Our Bots are Fully Managed
    NCRTS bots are efficient. They can manage most of their responsibilities. These chatbots are full featured and pre-trained for your industry. No building from scratch, no supervisions. While our bots handle specific jobs, you can go about taking care of other complex issues.

  • 4. Our chatbots can be easily integrated to your business systems
    Building bots, training, and testing them are a part of the services we provide. But we do not stop here. NCRTS also offers bot integrations. We also take the responsibility of integrating the bots into your CRM or ERP systems.

  • 5. We offer very competitive pricing
    If the service isn't cost-effective, customers hesitate to make a buying decision. So, we believe in offering the best at competitive prices. And our subscription plans are absolutely suited for your business development.

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Building Bots to Boost Sales!

Do you know around 99% of online shopping journeys begin with Google Search & Maps, including 35% of product searches? Well, that's enough information to automate your Google Business Messages to upgrade your business.

So, shall we get started with building your Google Business Messages bot?

Why Choose NCRTS for Google Business Messages Bot?

1. Our bots are AI-powered

Did we mention that the bots we develop are super smart? It's all because they are AI-powered and backed by NLU (Natural Language Understanding) capabilities. They are intelligent and can comprehend customer queries quickly.

2. We Create Bots for Specific Industries

We pre-build and pre-train bots for specific industries. eCommerce, EdTech, Hospitality, or whichever industry you belong to, we can offer you specifically trained bots for maximum benefits.

3. Our Bots are Efficient

You don't have to keep an eye on the bots that we build. They are fully managed and efficient in handling different tasks. While you take care of complex business affairs, our bots can handle the rest.

4. We offer CRM or ERP system integrations

Building, training, and testing bots are our basic services. We make extra effort to integrate bots with your CRM or ERP systems to deliver the best possible service.

5. Our Prices are Competitive

You do not have to worry about burning holes in your pocket for Google Business Message bots. We offer our services within an affordable price range. Plus, subscriptions are available as an added benefit to make our services absolutely cost-effective for your business.

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A Sneak Peek into Our Industry-Specific Google Business Messages Bot
  • Kia on Google Business Messages - Our automated chatbot for Medical centers on Google Business Messages
  • IRA on WhatsApp - Our automated chatbot for Ecommerce or Direct to Consumers businesses on Google Business Messages
  • FOSA on WhatsApp - Our automated chatbot for Restaurants on Google Business Messages
How to get started with chatbot for business on Google Business Messages?
  • Review our full featured chatbot on Google Business Messages and finalize the scope & features.
  • Adjust & Integrate our Ready to use chatbot to your business systems.
  • We are partners of Google Business Messages (GBM) and we will help get approval for your chatbot.
  • Go-live & announce it to your customers
  • Enjoy our fully managed services to stay cutting edge and implement new feature additions.
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Our automated chatbots on the Google Business Message platform come with a control panel for a human agent to take over any chat that is happening with your customers!

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