Create Instant Customer Connections and Stay In Touch with SMS Chatbots from NCR Techno Solutions.

Create a conversational experience with the 'ding' of SMS notifications. Online or offline, SMS remains the instant connection between you and your customer.
Automate SMS notifications and make connections even on the simplest devices.

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An Old-School SMS can be a game changer for your Business

SMS open rates stand as high as 98%, compared to 20% of all emails.

  • On average, it takes just 90 seconds for a person to respond to a text.

  • 75% of consumers desire to receive special offers via text.

Just blasting SMS to thousands of your customers is not good enough. Handling responses in a speedy manner and guiding customers through their queries or transactions is the way to go. You need an automated text chatbot that can understand the customer's natural chat language and intent and respond intelligently.

Enhancing Customer Experience with SMS Chatbots

Deploy NCRTS Text Chatbots to enhance your customer service. They can create an interactive channel and handle your daily text messages. Just Like that!

  • 1. Boost Engagement - Instant alert, no internet connectivity needed, and information conveyed in limited characters - these are the features of an SMS. With the highest open rates, SMS remains the unbeatable customer favorite. 74% of customers agreed that they have an improved impression of brands that interact via text messages. So, deploy an SMS chatbot and witness your engagement skyrocket, leaving an impact on customers.

  • 2. Drive Conversion Rate - Text alerts can reach customers wherever they are, even without the internet. So, when you make it convenient for customers to receive their alerts through SMS, they love it. SMS is still the customer's favorite communication channel. So, automate sending alerts, offers, notifications, links, via text chatbots. And get ready to witness the upsurge in conversion rates!

  • 3. Enhance Customer Support - Create an unbreakable bond with customers with text chatbots. Smartphones or no smartphones, you can always stay in touch through SMS. SMS connects brands and customers with or without the internet. The oldest of phones can receive SMS. Hence, your connection with customers remains unbreakable. Automate sending offers, tracking information, alerts, reminders, surveys, and watch your customer satisfaction double.

  • 4. Quickly Answer questions - Why make customers wait when SMS chatbots can manage instant replies?! Employ SMS chatbots and let them handle all the customer queries. SMS bots can respond to multiple queries in a jiffy, and manage several customer conversations simultaneously.

  • 5. Up Your Marketing game - SMS chatbots can breathe a new life into your traditional marketing tactics. With SMS chatbots, you can save on long calls, inspire customers to take action through CTAs, create easy & short ads, send special offers, and so much more. SMS chatbots have the potential to double your sales through creating strong customer connections.

Going with Automated SMS Chatbots from NCRTS will be Your Best Decision.

Did you know 53% of marketers have adopted text messages in their marketing efforts?

Most brands have come to realize the power of good old SMS in maintaining customer relations. And automation with text chatbots is one of the best things that has happened to marketers.

Create a unique conversational relationship with customers using NCRTS SMS chatbots.

  • 1. Create Offline Conversational Experience
    Using NCRTS text chatbots, create a superb conversational experience for customers. Let your customers answer back with 2-way SMS. Use Shortcodes to make it easier for customers to respond to your bot. NCRTS SMS chatbot lets you reach anybody with the simplest of devices.

  • 2. Integrate NCRTS SMS chatbots to multiple platforms. It will help you qualify and nurture leads, convert them to profitable customers, boost ROI, and minimize operational costs. NCRTS has multiple interesting integration options to look up to. Start exploring if you haven't already. There's a long way to go!

  • 3. Power up Your Marketing
    With NCRTS SMS chatbots, take your marketing strategy a level higher. Engage customers quickly and tell them about your latest offers through NCRTS SMS chatbots. Send personalized offers, tell about a new product launch, conduct quick contests, engage prospects, and redefine your customer experience.

Need Help in Building an automated intelligent SMS chatbot?

AI chatbots have made it a lot easier for marketers to reach out to a wider target audience. They manage so much of the routine tasks, saving time and money. But you'll need a super-smart bot for that. Right? Let's start building one then!

1. NCRTS bots are AI-powered and have amazing NLU (Natural Language Understanding) capabilities. They are intelligent and can instantly process the input from customers during a conversation. So, responses reach customers at lightning speed!

2. Our bots are amazingly independent. Once we get them ready, you don't have to babysit them. NCRTS chatbots are fully functional, managed, and effective. They can handle most routine tasks without human intervention efficiently.

3. Fully managed SMS chatbot for your business - Building the bots comes first. But then comes training, testing, deploying, and integrations. We do it all! Our services include integrating your bot to your current ERP system, CRM, or other business software for a seamless workflow.

4. NCRTS prepares its bots for all types of work. We pre-build and pre-train bots to suit all industries- eCommerce, travel, restaurants, and many more. So, you list your requirements and we will build you the best AI chatbots tailored for your business needs.

5. Our SMS chatbots are very cost-competitive. So, it does not burn a hole in your pocket. You get both building, training, testing, integrating, and everything at standard prices. Moreover, our subscription plans are a life savior too.

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